How to pick the best girlfriend out there?

In addition to having good relationships, your perfect girlfriend should be of the type that you like most. And you need to do some research in order to determine that type.

Besides, just dicking around, there are other – no less potent – ways to realise what’s the girls that make you going?

How to go about that?

You should watch some porn with different types of girls, like redhead pornstars, black or Asian beauties, BBW or petite women.

Don’t just mindlessly watch tons of porn but instead first determine the types that you like and then double down on them, drilling deeper into those niches.

Accidentally, this will make your porn-watching experience much more fun.

You can also hook up with the girls that you think you like on webcams. It doesn’t require you to actually go anywhere and there’s no danger in terms of diseases or letting people into your home. You can sex up together with all those cute girls and slowly arrive at what type of them you really care about.